• This gun's patented cap nozzle design and use of lower volume of air finely atomizes paint creating a smooth finish with minimum overspray

• Lower cfm consumption

• Stainless steel needle and fluid tip makes it suitable for water base products

• Decreased overspray creates cost savings up to 20-30%

• Cup capacity: 600ml
• Operation Pressure: 25psi
• Net Weight: 1.02lb / 462g
• Average Air Consumption: 9.6-9.8cfm
• Air Inlet Thread NPT: 1/4"
• Required Compressor: 3hp
• Max. Pattern at 8" Distance: 8.7-9in (220-230mm)
• Air cap output: 10psi
• Nozzle Size: 1.4 or 1.8

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