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DeVilbiss has been an industry standard for as long as I can remember.  They have always produced a product that was well engineered to get the job done and to hold up through years of wear and tear.  I have several DeVilbiss guns in my collection.

DeVilbiss has been at the forefront of the spray gun industry from it's inception.  One of the best things I find about using a DeVilbiss guns, beside it's ability to produce beautiful paint jobs and it's reasonable price, is that parts are available almost everywhere.


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Top of the Line

DeVilbiss Tekna Spray Guns

Any Climate.

  • Optimized performance in climates varying from hot and humid to clean and dry
  • Three air caps developed using advanced fluid dynamics technology for excellent atomization
  • Packaged as a solution with multiple components allowing the painter to adapt to changing environments

Any Paint.

  • Excellent for solvent-based coatings and a must for waterborne
  • Fully protected outside and inside for high corrosion
    resistance — gun coating has non-stick properties
  • High transfer efficiency for material savings

  • We've been using all the Tekna guns in our shop and find that they can perform as well as guns costing much more.

Tekna Store LINK

DeVilbiss GTI-620G

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The GTI 620G is a beautifully made piece of equipment. I use it almost daily for spraying color and clear coats.  This update of the GTI 600G is a vast improvement because of its greater transfer efficiency and less air usage (15.5 CFM) while producing beautiful results.

The GTI  620G presently comes with a 1.3, 1.4 and
a 1.5 fluid tip, 32 oz. aluminum cup and cup liners, gun hook and an inlet air adjusting valve,  gauge and air cap cleaning kit. 

DeVilbiss GTI-670G"Plus" Gun

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 GFG-670G Plus (Compliant) Gun

Comes with three fluid tips allowing you to spray low & high solids colors, clears & single stage automotive paints.
High solids clear coat gun of choice - precision engineered #410 air cap lays out a smooth, high gloss finish.
High speed coverage saves time - 20% larger spray pattern and 15% more fluid flow than traditional air spray or reduced pressure guns due to optimized air cap and tip design.
Higher transfer efficiency - Greater than 65% transfer efficiency saves materials and improves visibility.
Waterborne compatible - stainless steel fluid tip and needle, electroless nickel plated gun body inside and out. PLUS is gun washer safe.
Quick clean-up and upside down spraying with optional "EZ-Liner" disposable cup liners.
Comes with 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm fluid tips, 32oz. aluminum cup with lid, air adjusting valve with gauge. spray lube, fluid filter and gun hook.
This, like all DeVilbiss Gravity Feed Guns, works great with the optional cup liners. • Air consumption: 9 cfm at 30 psi inlet pressure • Air cap pressure does exceed 10 psi

DeVilbiss Finishline


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Gravity Feed Gun

DeVilbiss Finishline III Information

The Finishline III is another favorite among DIYers and folks who & don't want to spend a lot of money for a spray gun but still want good results.

This gun comes with either a 1.3, 1.5 or 1.8 fluid tips and unlike some other DeVilbiss guns the Finishline III does not come with an inlet regulator.
The DAD501 would be the correct regulator for this gun.
Auto body storeThis gun uses 13.5 CFM of air @ 30 PSI.

SRI Spot Repair Gun

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The SRI is one of the best guns on the market for spray painting small objects or for doing spot repairs.

Pictured above is the SRI 631-10 which has an 8oz cup and comes with a .8 or 1.0 fluid tip.

Designed for spot repairs, cut-ins, jamb work and bumpers, the SRiW spray gun produces larger spray pattern and holds more paint for greater coverage flexibility.  Great for motorcycle painting.

Kit includes:
Either .8 or 1.0 mm fluid tip.
8 oz. aluminum gravity cup.
4 oz. disposable cup.
Filling funnel.
Gun hook.

DeVilbiss PRI Primer Gun

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Start your paint job out right with fast, easy, and economical primer application.
The PRi gun is part of DeVilbiss's iSYSTEM™ - developed in conjunction with top American and European automotive paint companies to spray their latest materials.
Excellent performance with minimal sanding - #101 Primer air cap produces a compact fan and smooth finish with primers, primer surfacers, sealers, and adhesion promoters, including low V.O.C. materials.
Low overspray makes prep work outside the booth easier.
Rugged and durable - built to last.
Easy to clean - clear anodized gun body and smooth cup.
Comes with 32oz. aluminum cup and push on lid, and spray lube.
30 psi inlet pressure delivers 10 psi air cap pressure at 16 cfm air volume required.
Available with a 1.4 or 1.8 Fluid tip.

DeVilbiss Siphon Feed Guns

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World famous JGA fit, feel and balance.
Maximum durability - drop-forged aluminum gun body.
Replaceable threaded baffle for economical servicing.
Cartridge type air valve for positive sealing and quick action 1.6 or 1.6 Fluid Tip: Air Cap: #80 - Synthetic and acrylic enamels.

Cup Liner Kit

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Liner Kit

The DeVilbiss Cup Liner Kit has won me over.

I originally thought it would be a waste of time and money until
I tried it, now I'm a convert.

It's an easy installation that allows you to spray the gun in any position, even up-side-down without sputtering or spilling paint. Great for spraying the undersides of doors, floors, dashes, airplane wings, you name it.

I've found it great for doing those small jobs that require that you get the gun dirty for just a couple of ounces of paint and a quick spray because the liners make the clean up so easy.  Try them with other popular makes of gun as well as DeVilbiss because they come with adapters for other popular brands of spray guns.

Other DeVilbiss Spraying Support

CT30 Desiccant Filter
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Desiccant removes water vapor down to a dew point of -40°F.
Innovative quick change 10 lb. desiccant cartridge bag is made of a special fiber media which removes aerosols and solid particles down to an amazing .01 microns. This means there is no need for coalescing or final filters.
Built-in color changing indicator lets you know when to change filter cartridge. • CT30 is designed for wall mounting but can also be purchased with stand for portability.

Filter/Desiccant Air Dryer System

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Eliminates costly redo's due to moisture and dirt in the air line - three stage drying and filtering system.
First stage centrifugal filter removes oil, water, and dirt down to 5 microns.
Second stage coalescer filter removes oil aeresols and dirt particles down to .01 microns.
Third stage uses low-dusting desiccant to trap water vapo.
25 CFM capacity.
Maintenance free first and second stages feature automatic bowl drain.
Eliminates guesswork - filter change indicators for coalescer and desiccant.
Includes wall mount bracket.

Water Separator and Particle Filter with Regulator

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Provides clean, dry air at any point in the paint and body shop.
5 micron particle filter – Removes bulk oil and water while filtering the air.
120 CFM filter capacity – For use with multiple spray guns and air tools.
50 CFM regulator capacity.
Additional filtered regulated outlet.
Filtered main line outlet.
Simple filter element replacement – No tools required after bowl is removed.
Large bowl – less frequent draining of accumulated water.
Easy installation – No elbow required. Air inlet located at top of
unit in front of mounting bracket.
Mounting bracket included.
Air inlet: 1/2” N.P.T. (F).
Air outlet at shutoff valve: 1/4” NPSM (M).
Maximum pressure: 150 psi.