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Thread: Acrylic enamel dry time

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    How long does it take for acrylic enamel to cure out, or dry completely? I had my truck painted last summer, and the other day when it was hot, you could still smell it just a little, and still put your finger nail into it. How much longer should i wait till i wax it? Does it get completely hard? Its hard when it cools down though.:confused:

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    Default It depends...

    If the enamel had a hardener mixed in prior to spraying I'd say that most could be waxed in two to three months of warm temps. If there is no hardner mixed in it can depend on the type of enamel used. With no hardener most "better quality" products could probably be waxed after six months of warmth but cheap paint may take a couple years before it gives up all of it's solvent.

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    ok, thanks.

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