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Thread: Nason Clearcoat Durability

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    How would you guys rate the Nason Clear as far as durability and ease of application ? Do you think it is as durable as a factory original GM finish? I am preparing to spray my first BC/CC job and was looking for a reasonably priced product that would give good results and durability for at least 5 years. Are there some clears that are easier for a beginner to spray than others ? The only thing that I have ever sprayed is Acrylic Lacquer many years ago. Now I am trying to educate myself about all of the new products available. I will be using a Durablock 007 gun which from what I have read is a pretty decent gun. Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Hello there. I am in the process of repainting my 1977 FORD RANGER XLT. It is my first paint job. I opted for NASON system and I could not have been happier. The 2K Urethane Primer was easy to put on, is very durable and very good on the wallet.
    So far, I have primed, painted, and cleared the interior of the truck. The rest of the entire truck has a good couple of coats of NASON 2K Urethane Primer. It was difficult because of all the angles, under dash, top of doors etc, but it went on great!! I am even using a cheap CMTools spray gun, a 15gallon craftsman compressor. I used a high temp reducer in the clear coat so it lays out flatter because it dries a tad slower, allowing it to melt out before drying. Their base coats are great. I am so pleased how well they matched my two tone OEM paint on my FORD.
    I was told by many that the NASON system would be best for a first timer, because it is forgiving, costs less, and is very durable. Urethane is the way to go whatever system you decide to use. But I say go for the NASON, you wont be dissapointed.

    Good luck~!!

    PS Stay with a system whatever you decide. (ie OMNI primer, OMNI base, OMNI Clear, etc etc) or (NASON Primer, NASON base, NASON clear etc)

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    I operate a small autobody repair shop and use the high priced Dupont Chroma Premier mostly. But for economy jobs I use Nason Select Clear, and have watched a few jobs for 2 - 3 years, with great success.

    I also use them for Truck caps with great results.

    You won't be dissappointed

    Gordon ***Shareware Estimating Program***

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