Air Hose And Couplings

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Different Hose Types

I've used two types of hose that I now sell; the heavier, more expensive, rubber type hose and the lighter, less expensive plastic type hose.

Both of these have their place in the shop.  While the rubber type hose is heavier it is easy to use because it doesn't form high loops that could be a problem in a spraying situation.  Rubber usually lasts quite a bit longer than plastic under the same conditions.

In my shop I have both of these types of hose, I use the expensive rubber type inside when I work day to day and I use the plastic for long runs outside to work on something across the parking area.  I keep a lot more hose on hand than I use from day to day, it's not very expensive and it comes in real handy.

I recommend that you buy and use at least
 3/8" hose because smaller ID hose can cause too much of a pressure drop and your air tool performance can suffer.




3/8" ID X 35'
250 lb.
work pressure

Reusable Ends 
w/ HVLP Couplings
See Below


 No Couplings


Good Year

3/8" ID X 50'
300 lb
work pressure

Permanent Ends


Couplings & Hardware
This manufacture has produced fittings that have been an industry standard
for a long time.  They are inexpensive and hold up quite well.

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The above fittings (stems) on the left are attached to your tools and one end of the hose.

The above couplings on the right are usually attached to the other end of the hoses and to the regulators.

This company produces some of the best air handling equipment. 
These "High Flow" fittings and high quality hose is a favorite among
professional shops as well as with the well equipped hobbyists.

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For the most accurate pricing use price link at bottom of page

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High Flow Fittings allow compressed air volume to be used at the
 recommended pressures without the need to have the pressure
set as high as it would with standard fittings.

We have hoses in our shop that use both types of fittings.
If you plan on using High Flow fittings and you don't plan on
having all of your tools fitted with High Flow stems you can assemble
adapters like those below to use High Flow with standard fittings.

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