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Masking Machines

Masking machines come in all shapes and sizes from carts with several size paper dispensers with room for other supplies to single wall mount units or small step stool types.  The person equipping a shop should decide if they need the masker to be portable or stationary or portable and dispense one size paper or many different sizes.

The machines below are some of the most popular types.  Previously we tried to furnish less expensive models but found that the materials and engineering so poor that the better value is to be found in spending a couple of dollars more.

In my paint shop

  We've had several machines and have found that the "multi-roll"  type that dispenses several sizes of paper with tape attached works best for us because we only use the size we want without wasting paper and the machine is movable which allows us to put the machine near the work.

I usually use paper in three sizes 6", 12" and 18" . I use Plastic that comes in folded into 36 in widths and unfolds to be 12'  or 16'  feet wide  by 400 feet long.  I pull the plastic the length of the vehicle, cut it to length with a razor blade, cover the vehicle then cut out the areas to be worked and mask with paper.  The paper overlaps  and is masked solid to the surrounding plastic.

Good Quality Masking Machines
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Auto body store

Auto body store