Masking Materials

3M Door Aperture Refinish Tape

3-M DART Tape Composite.jpg (18631 bytes)

Aperture tape is a foam beading with adhesive on one edge
that takes up the space in between panels to stop overspray
from contaminating the jambs and inner surfaces.

"DART" comes in a box with plenty of tape to do several cars.

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Masking Stripes and Two Tones

Masking Stripes and Two Tones

Masking stripes or designs can be done much better if
plastic "Fine Line" tape is used.

This tape is used along the edge where the color will change then the rest of the panel is masked using standard masking tape and paper.

The Fine Line tape will stop bleeding along the edge and the
result will be a nice clean break between colors if
the tape is applied properly.

When removing this plastic tape you should pull it back on itself as a sharp angle so that it cuts the paint cleanly.

Fine Line Tape can be found HERE.

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