Filler Tools

It's all about Shaping and Leveling

Tools hold the abrasive so that it can shape the filler easily and quickly leaving the surface level and ready for primer.

The tools below are among the best available to do this job.

Hand Files

In the end, the only way to get the filler perfect is with a hand file.

Hand Files are usually use to level areas of filler that are larger than 6" across
and are located in areas where this type of file has room to work.

 Flat Faced Files
for flat and convex surfaces.


 Curved Face Files
for concave surfaces.

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These Power Sanders are used to remove and level the filler quickly.
These sanders can help eliminate a lot of hard work.

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The Hutchins file above is the Cadillac of of sanders.  It gets the job done smoothly and quietly.

The National Detroit ND900 does an excellent job of leveling large areas quickly using 8" stick on disks

Many sanders Like the Viking above work quite well and don't cost as much as high end tools.


Sanding Blocks

In order to finish any filling with body filler or primer you need to tweak the process by hand.  These final steps require sanding blocks that are the right size and shape for the job at hand.  If you use the wrong blocks, wrong sandpaper or the wrong technique your result will be less than perfect.

Below are some of the best blocks we've found in the last 35 years of leveling filler and primer on some of the nation's finest automobiles.



These foam blocks are rigid but flexible and are some of the best sanding blocks on the market today.   As you can see below they come in a variety of shapes and sizes plus these long lasting blocks are priced for everyone to use.


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These NEW Long Blocks help shape those curved panels

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Hand Blocks and Boards


3M blocks composite.jpg (29345 bytes)

Description Order Number
2 3/4" X 5" Hand Block 3M 5440
2 3/4" X 7 3/4" Hand Block 3M 5441
2 3/4" X 5" Soft Block 3M 5442
2 3/4" X 16 1/2" Hand File 3M 5444
Flexible stiff 5" pad or 6" pad 5"-3M 5585    6"-3M 5586



Hand Tools
(Picture is the same as Stick-It picture above)

Description Order Number
2 3/4" X 5" Hand Block 3M 5740
2 3/4" X 7 3/4" Hand Block 3M 5741
2 3/4" X 5" Soft Block 3M 5742
2 3/4" X 16 1/2" Hand File 3M 5744

Dust Masks

When grinding paint or sanding fillers it's very important to protect yourself from the hazards of the dust you're generating.  Not only are these particulates harmful in themselves but they could contain lead or other harmful substances. 

Wearing gloves and coveralls will also help keep dust in it's place and away from areas that it can cause problems.


Product Info.


3M7048maskSized.jpg (2003 bytes)
3M 2 Strap

#7048 Dust Masks
Box of 20

Grinding and Filler Dust, Sanding and Buffing
3M7051respSized.jpg (2325 bytes) #7192
Half Mask
Heavy Dust
Lacquers and Enamels

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Guide Coat for Fillers

3M Dry Guide Coat Kit

3m #5860 dry guide coat.jpg (4469 bytes)
This is a dry black powder and a powder puff like
applicator.  You wipe on a light coating of powder
on sanded filler then sand more to see the high and
low spots.  This can be a real life saver for folks that
difficulty feeling the highs and lows of bodywork or
when you're working a panel that is more complex
shape than a flat panel.  If you want it right this is the tool.

Price on Dry Guide Coat is HERE