Paul's 67 Power Wagon Project

The 1967 Dodge Power Wagon known as the Bumblebee served in NATO in Denmark. Some of these original Power Wagons were brought back to the States. I bought this one, rust free. It was stripped to chassis, body work done, 318 V8 engine added, AGR performance power steering and power disk brakes added. It was then painted with PPG Base/Clear in Nissan Xtera Solar Yellow and Flat Black. The restoration was done in 304 days in 2000. When it was completed, it left in 2 days for the National Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa.

Crazy About Power Wagons!

Paul also has this 43 Power Wagon he calls the "Rotten Mess" but when he get done
we know it will be a beauty. 

Click to enlarge

When Paul gets this project finished I'll create
another page for it.


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