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Krew 1300 Paint Suit

I'll bet I've used at least 10 different brands of painting suits and have found this one to be better than any of the others and also reasonably priced.  This suit has elastic at the cuffs and ankles as well as in the back at the waist which stops it from ballooning out and getting in the way.  It also has an elastic hood  and a hip pocket which comes in very handy.   Be sure to use dirty suits for other jobs like buffing. 

The main reason to wear a paint suit is not to protect your clothing but to protect the paintwork from receiving all the dust that your clothing generates.  If, after wearing one of these suits, you put it back in the plastic bag it will last through many   paintings.


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 Kimberly-Clark "Krew Suit" 
 Paint coveralls
Comes in Large and X-Large

I'm 5'10" & 160 lbs.
 and take a  Large.

Large - #72213
Extra Large #77204

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Shoot Suit

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This is the Caddy of paint suits having a full zipper
front, Velcro sleeve fasteners, full hood, elastic
waist, tape pocket and best of all a breathable
back.  This suit comes in black or white.

The Shoot Suit is machine washable and won't cling
to clothing worn underneath. Available in 5 sizes...

#SSS  Small for those 5' to 5'4" and 95 to 120 lbs.
#SSM Medium for 5'4" to 5'7" and 120 to 155 lbs.
#SSL   Large for 5'8" to 6'-2" and 155 to 205 lbs.
#SSX  X-Large for 5'11" to 6'5" and 205 to 260 lbs.
#SSXX   2X-Large for 6'5" to 6'11" and 260 to 300 

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Good hand, eye and breath protection come in many forms and should be chosen carefully.   Click the link below to see pictures and prices of different types of products.

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