Rolf's 58 Chevy Convertible

I'm restoring a 58 Chevy Impala Convertible. I have the Body  on a Rotisserie and I had the frame on a Rotisserie, the frame is finished, sandblasted to bare metal, rust proofed, primed and coated. The 283 is rebuilt, (long block) and painted. The big job will be the body, bad shape but restorable except for the doors, I need two doors. Almost all chrome is rechromed.  I Rebuilt: Power Steering Pump, Generator, Top motor and Pump, Starter, Distributor, Power Brake. As you can see the engine and transmission are installed, the front and rear suspension are in, (all are Powder Coated), all new brakes. I still have to check the angles of the drive shaft. I started to replace the lower front and rear quarter panels, drilled out the spot welds. I sandblasted the front fenders, hood and trunk lid and primed them with Epoxy Primer from PPG. It is tuff to work down here in Texas in the summer, my garage is not yet air conditioned, so I slowed done a little. I just got my new MIG welder and I cut out some rusted metal on the body, I made templates to fit the cutouts so that I can make new patch panels to be welded in.

Before Picture

Some steps in the process
(click to enlarge)

front removed.jpg (25447 bytes)
Removing the bolt on sheet metal
will help expose areas for painting.
two rotisseries.jpg (25027 bytes)
Having TWO rotisseries is a real luxury,
one for the body and one for the Frame
finished eng and frm.jpg (29508 bytes)
Finished engine, suspension and frame
wait for installation
panels.jpg (22237 bytes)
Panels waiting to be installed where needed.
panel placement.jpg (24095 bytes)
This is where it goes now all we need
is to make it part of the car.
stripped and primed.jpg (21412 bytes)
The body is stripped and primed
ready for the body work.

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