Out of the Desert Southwest comes a craftsman that has used the tools and techniques of auto body repair to create several works of art.  Here is a few pictures of one of his creations a teardrop tag-along trailer.

Frame-2nd-step.jpg (47352 bytes)
Building the Frame
Floor-top.jpg (44569 bytes)
Building Up From
The Floor

lift mechanism.jpg (41661 bytes)
Making the
 Top Go Up
complete framework.jpg (42383 bytes)

rearaluminside.jpg (40378 bytes)
Installing the
Inner Skin

rear outer skin.jpg (44787 bytes)
Installing the
Outer Skin
Fender1.jpg (41430 bytes)
Fenders 1
Fender2.jpg (44984 bytes)
Fenders 2
Fender3.jpg (43264 bytes)
Fenders 3
Fender4.jpg (38979 bytes)
Fenders 4
Fender5.jpg (47683 bytes)
Fenders 5
Fender6.jpg (44682 bytes)
Fenders 6
primerbackdown.jpg (36830 bytes)
Top Down
primerfrontup.jpg (41851 bytes)
Top UP
painted-right-3qtrs.jpg (35360 bytes)
Painted and
painted-left-3qtrs.jpg (34222 bytes)
Ready To Go
inside back.jpg (41328 bytes)
Inside Looking
cabinets.jpg (44963 bytes)
Inside Looking
truck and trailer.jpg (35311 bytes)
Gone Fishing

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