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The NEW "Ergonomical" Airvantage Sander

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Airvantage Sander
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Small and Light Weight (note small size on insert)
6" PSA Pad (for stick-it type disks)
Easy Air Adjusting Valve (for speed control while you sand)
Muffler (for quieter running)

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I was sent this Airvantage Sander for evaluation by my supplier, I used it and immediately purchased it.  This is a real breakthrough is D.A. type sanders.    Until now "duel action" sanders were either heavy and hard to handle or had the wrong action or used too much air.  Well this little "whiz bang" sander has sanders costing twice as much beat hands down.  It can do everything from feathering heavy scratches out of thick paint to wearing a sponge pad and 1500 grit to fine sand orange peel away before buffing.  This has been one of the best new sanding tools brought out in the last 10 years and the price is the icing on the cake.

P.S....I was so enamored by this tool that I brought it in to show my wife and now she uses it more for her furniture refinishing projects than I use it on cars. It looks like I'm about to own two.

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Being one of the names that the professional looks for when shopping for a quality sander Hutchins continues in it's development of "top of the line" equipment with it's new Eliminator II which has been developed for ...

Compounding and Polishing

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The New
Eliminator II
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The Hutchins #2006 Eliminator II
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Hutchins Model 4500 Random Orbit
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6" Pad Standard
5" and 8" Pads Available

Hutchins Model 4500

Order #HUT 4500

In most cases noting finishes leveling a surface like
Hand Sanding Tools

3M Stick-It Tools

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Discription Order Number
2 3/4" X 5" Hand Block 3M 5440
2 3/4" X 7 3/4" Hand Block 3M 5441
2 3/4" X 5" Soft Block 3M 5442
2 3/4" X 16 1/2" Hand File 3M 5444
Flexible stiff 5" pad or 6" pad 5"-3M 5585    6"-3M 5586

3M Hook-It Tools

Picture same as Stick-It tools

Discription Order Number
2 3/4" X 5" Hand Block 3M 5740
2 3/4" X 7 3/4" Hand Block 3M 5741
2 3/4" X 5" Soft Block 3M 5742
2 3/4" X 16 1/2" Hand File 3M 5744

Other Handy 3M Hand Sanding Blocks
For Wet and Dry Sanding

3M 5519 5block.jpg (11267 bytes)3M 5520 8block.jpg (15372 bytes)





3M 5526 block-pad.jpg (15532 bytes)3M 5530 block.jpg (13143 bytes)

Discription Order Number
2 3/4" X 5" Hand Block 3M 5519
2 3/4" X 7 3/4" Hand Block 3M 5520
Stiff Sponge 3M 5526
Soft Sponge 3M 5530

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