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Spray Painting 101
Achieving the Exquisite Paint Job

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Two Hour Video DVD

After teaching painting in several trade schools and to hundreds of helpers and technicians in my shop over the last 30+ years,  I've seen the need for people to understand the basics before they pick up the spray gun.

I've produced a 2 hour video "Spray Painting 101" that shows and tells the beginner many of the variables that should be understood before, during, and after the spray gun comes into play.  After all, why re-invent the wheel by making all the mistakes I've made?

"Spray Painting 101" contains more than just the following

Tools and equipment
Auto body store
Breathing requirements and masks.
Spray guns - Gravity vs. Siphon feed
Sanding blocks and hand tools etc. etc.

Auto body store
·   Sandpaper - Purpose and grits, wet and dry
·   Tapes - Common masking and special use types
·   Paint - Variables in different products i.e.. acrylic lacquer,
enamel and urethanes.

Surface Prep
Auto body store
·   Variables prior to priming that effect outcome
·   Priming and guide coating
·   Block sanding and analysis
·   Masking for top coating
·   Some variables to look for
·   Two-tone masking before clear coat

Spray painting
Auto body store
·   Gun adjustments
·   Application variables
.   Single stage and two stage finishes

·   Color sanding for flatness


Auto body store
·   Compounds and techniques to use to finish the job.

And much more....

If you decide to purchase the video and have a specific problem
later with a job that you are doing and need some advise
you can e-mail or post a message on the BBS for more information.

The video DVD is 2 hours long and costs $35.00 in USD payable by check,
money order or Visa/MC/AX/Pay Pal.  If you are a NJ  you must pay an additional $2.45 sales tax. 

When paying by check please make checks payable to
Len Stuart and send to...

Stuarts Autobodystore.com
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*  For credit card purchase please call 609-859-3670  
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