MIG Welding
Metal Bonding

When you need to put metal together permanently welding and bonding are the two most widely accepted methods.

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A MIG welder uses gas to shield the weld so that the surrounding oxygen does not interfere with the welding process.  This gas can also aid the process in other ways and MIG welding has become widely used for all types of welding but especially when doing sheet metal repairs.

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Metal Bonding is a more recent addition to the world of auto restoration and is ideal for many of the processes used to install or replace sheet metal.  Bonding can be used in most NON-structural metal replacement situations and ideal for both professional and DIY applications.  Many NON-structural applications can include metal patching, quarter panel installation, door skin replacement, roof skin replacement trunk floor repairs as well as other applications.


Using gas when you're welding helps keep oxygen from contaminating the processand helps the welds be smooth, strong and have a good "bite on the metal.

The chart below shows the recommended gases for the type of welding you may be doing.

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