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Here at the AutoBodyStore.com we hope to be able to meet many of the needs of the folks who wish to spray paint or do sheet metal and other body repairs on their vehicles or on anything else where this technology can be applied. 

One thing we stress very strongly is that this process be carried out safely using the equipment that can generate the desired result without creating a health risk.

On this site and in our store you will find the latest painting tools such as supplied air respirators like the Hobbyair and Neoterik systems as well as the latest in HVLP spray guns such as DeVilbiss, Sata and Sharpe.

In our Classroom area you'll find information on many types of body and paint repairs and painting procedures including rust repairs, body panel replacement, metal bonding, hole filling, sanding, spraying, buffing etc.  Also in the Classroom you'll find our very active Message Board where you can ask questions about your specific project and receive guidance from people that have done your type of repair many times.

     Len Stuart

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