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Sometimes it's necessary to coat the metal to covert rust and/or to coat rust to encapsulate it to stop further deterioration. 
Here are some products that can help.

Picklex 20

This is one of the best
flash rust remover/converter/inhibitor I've used

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Picklex 20 is a combination of metal surface cleaner, surface rust remover, 100% rust converter, very long term rust inhibitor, pre-treatment (conversion coating) and sealer, all in one application without any rinsing. Picklex 20 makes the surface rust/contamination free and prevents further rusting for a long period of time (several years) if kept in a covered area away from contact with water. Picklex 20 is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and water soluble. Picklex 20 does not fall under any EPA. OSHA or DOT regulation.

The above  information is from
International Chemical Products, Inc.
makers of Picklex 20

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Picklex 20 can be used on bare metal, blasted metal or rusted metal surface

Pickle 20 can be used on both steel & aluminum.

Pickle 20 prepares the metal surface completely for Welding, Priming, Liquid painting & Powder coating, which can be performed after complete drying of the coating.

Do not use Self Etching Primer (any primer that contains acid or it will react with Picklex 20 coating). Use epoxy primer if possible.

De-rusting/Coating/Sealing in one step

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Picklex 20
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An excellent rust coating that has recently made it way into our shop with much success. We keep it around in several colors. 

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Our Experience

Being in the auto restoration business for 35 years I've always tried to keep my eye on products that could help the repairs to last.  Many repairers fail do to the proper treatment of rusted surfaces and now with so many rust treatments on the market it's hard to decide which is best.  We are always being asked to promote new products but we've decided to only promote those rust treatments that we have personal experience with and one of those is...Zero-Rust

This is a coating that seals over rust eliminating the moisture and oxygen from being able to reach the metal.   We've read the literature that accompanied the product and then did an evaluation ourselves and found this to be one of the best products on the market for stopping rust.

 Zero-Rust doesn't get hard and brittle like other rust coatings and in many applications it doesn't need further painting or priming like converters.  These materials have proven themselves in other industrial applications and now we, in auto restoration, reap the benefits of these products.

Most of our applications are using Zero-Rust
on top of Picklex 20 and we've found
them to work great together.

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