Metal Cutting

Sheet Metal Shears

I've been using the same shear for over 10 years and the only trouble I have with it is trying to keep my friends from borrowing it. It works better than you can imagine, leaving the metal edge flat without warpage or flashing.  It's great for cutting patches for welding or for trimming premade panels before installation.

Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting

This  shear cuts quickly and quietly and easily follows a scribe line. The sweeping action of the blade seals the edge of the coated metals.  These shears cut metal in straight or contour lines at 180 inches per minute and plastic or Formica up to 3/32" thick

Pneumatic Nibbler

Metal Cutting

At home with intricate curves on flat or corrugated metal, one hand is all it takes to make perfect cuts. Variable speed pneumaticand a well balanced grip makes it easy for anyone to operate.

Strokes per minute: 3,200
Weight: 2.1 lbs. (.95 kg)
Length: 7.3" (185 mm)
Average air consumption: 4 cfm, @ load 17 cfm
Sound (pressure/power): 90.2/103.2 dBA
Air inlet: 1/4"

The nibbler is a great tool for cutting odd shaped and tight curves or for cutting out medium size holes in sheet metal.

CP875grinder.jpg (20883 bytes)

Die Grinder is a must for anyone planning on working with sheet metal or with rusty bolts or any application where you need a rugged tool to do the hard cutting for you.  Used in combination with Norton Medallion Cut Off wheels this can be a daily workhorse.

Cut Off Disks

Metal Cutting

One of the best tools for cutting steel is also one of the handiest for V-ing out cracks in fiberglass.  All 3" cut off discs are NOT created equal and the Norton Medallion has been the one used in my shop since I discovered it about 2 years ago.  One disc can outlast many other lower quality discs. You get more for your money with this product over inexpensive cut off disks.

Norton Cut Offs.jpg (4860 bytes)

Less Expensive cut off disks are good for quick jobs or for cutting soft materials like fiberglass and plastic but for cutting metal they usually wear quickly and need changing frequentily.

Metal Cutting

Hole Punch Flange Tool 

You don't want to "drill" a hole for plug welding.Drilling will cause the metal to recess and themetal will end up being very uneven with highand low area as well as gaps in the seams. Punching the holes results in the metal fitting together evenly and the results are a muchmore level/flat repair.

The hole Punch/Flange tool is my favorite way to punch holes in sheet metal for plug welding metal.  The swivel head makes it two tools in one by allowing you to flange or punch 5/16" holes in sheet metal, perfect for welding in backing strips.

Wivico spot weld cutter.jpg (9297 bytes)

WIVCO  Spot Weld Cutters

These handy bits do a great job of removing the bond between two pieces of metal while creating very little damage to the sheet metal that will be left to weld to..

In the picture below the spot welds around the wheelhouse were removed using one of these spot weld cutting bits.

Metal Cutting

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