Disposable Cup System

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DeVilbiss DeKups help speed your gun cleaning and allows you to spray paint from your spray gun at any angle without dripping or sputtering. 

DeKups are a fraction of the cost of similar disposable cups and they work great. 
This is definitely a case of getting your money’s worth.

The Links below will help you find the proper three parts for your gun and application.

(1) The outer plastic frame that holds the liners

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Click here to select outer frame.

(2) The liners.  The Frames and Liners come in three sizes… 9oz, 24oz and 34 oz. and should be ordered to accommodate each other. So if you pick the 24 oz cup frame you should also pick the 24 oz liner.

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Click here to select Lids and Liners.

(3) The proper adapter for your spray gun.

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Click Here to select adapters.