Dent Repair & Roller Primer

Repairing a small dent can be quite simple if you know a procedure and have the tools and materials to do the job.  On most small dents we use our “stud welder” that tacks small nails to the metal that can be pulled to eliminate the low spots.  However on the dents below we could not use the stud welder because the metal was aluminum and the studs only work on steel.  Since we couldn’t get to the back of the panel we drilled holes and used “pull hooks” to eliminate the low areas.  Pull hooks were a very useful tool before the stud welders came along but now the studs have taken the place of drilling holes and the surface integrity is not compromised.

We’ve recently started rolling on primer on many of our jobs because we need little or no masking for the application of the primer and fumes don’t become as big a hazard as they do when the primer is sprayed.   We usually apply two or three coats of primer allowing each coat to flash before the next is applied.  Each coat of primer is extended slightly to help feather the edge and allow for easier sanding.   Using a dry or sprayed guide coat allows you to block sand the primer to perfection.   Because of disposable rollers the clean up is quite easy and you can see in the pictures below that we even line the roller pan with foil to eliminate the need for cleaning the tray. 

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