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Learn detailing from a PRO! Robert Whyte has been a professional detailer in Southern California area for more than 27 years. This video shows you the tims and techniques he has learned while detailing everything from enthusiasts automobiles to some of the country's finest show cars.

This DVD covers..

Materials and Equipment: This section shows you the basic set of detailing tools along with a brief discription of their

Street Detailing: When you don't want to take your car to a shop, this section shows how to set the car up on location and the order in which each step is done so that everything comes out right.

Color Sanding: Robert shows you how to use an air sander to level the paint then polish out the scratches. Master this and you can make a so-so paint job into a real beauty.

Polishing Techniques: Using these methods you'll be able to remove scratches with a high speed polisher. Just do it like this and you'll amaze yourself, your friends and your customers

Below is a few minutes of this 95 minute video.

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