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Topics and solutions shops and painters should consider when changing to a waterborne paint system.

Compressed Air Filtration & Regulation
Clean, dry, oil free air is required when spraying either waterborne or solvent materials. Even the slightest amount of contamination can cause coating imperfections install either the CAMAIR 2-stage filter / regulator or the CAM 5-stage filter / regulator / dryer at the point of use to provide the cleanest, driest air possable; and, therefore a superior finish.

CT30 & CT30P
Desiccant Cartridge Dryers

CT series desiccant air dryers remove water vapor from the compressed air down to a dew point of -40® F.

Quick change 10 lb. desiccant cartridge bag is made of a special fiber media which removes oil aerosols and solid particles down to .01 microns - meaning no need for coalescing or final filters.

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Drying Systems
Air movement significantly improves the drying time of waterborne materials resulting in higher productivity and lower costs. The most economical and flexable choices are portable, hand-held dryers like the DMG dryer from DeVilbiss. The DMG dryer is very effecting in creating air movement while using less air movement than competitors.

Air Dryer

for Waterborne and European Coatings

For rapid drying of spot repairs as a hand held unit or as two guns on a specially built stand for drying larger areas.

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Spray Guns
Separate guns for waterborne base coats and solvent top coats should be used to avoid cross contamination and material coagulation. Waterborne guns should have corrosion resistant fluid passages, gun body and paint cup.

    CVi™ Gravity Feed and Waterborne Air Cap

  • Trans-Tech High Efficiency Technology (#510)
  • HVLP (#505)
  • Comfortable and lightweight, with ergonomic handle.
  • Waterborne version now available! (CVi-620GW) 1.3mm fluid tip 29 PSI inlet for #510 air cap 18 PSI inlet for #505 air cap.
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This is the Finishline 3

This inexpensive gun is a great spray gun for top coats and light primers. If you add an acetal (plastic cup) or the DeVilbiss DeKup system this gun will be ready for the new waterborne paints.

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