Metal Bonding

There are several ways of attaching one piece of metal to another you can screw, rivet, braze, weld and now the resin manufacturers have developed products that allow us to glue or "bond" metal together with amazing strength.

Bonding allows a person with limited experience with putting two pieces of metal together not only do a good repair but do it better than was possible a few years ago.  However the situations are limited to non-structural applications but when used properly the repair will be easier to accomplish because no warping occurs and last longer because bonding helps seal seams against moisture that can remain in a welded seam causing  problems down the road.


Products For Metal Bonding

Auto body store

Auto body store

Fusor Dispensing Tools

Fusor makes a variety of tools for using their products.
If you intend on using Fusor metal bonding and/or plastic repair products
repeatedly you should purchase accordingly.  If you're a DIYer and only plan
on doing one or two small jobs (using the small tubes of material) you can use
the inexpensive caulk gun "conversion kit"top center below.

Auto body store

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