Paint Products

You pay for the service.  Use it!

When you decide on a paint system and you start purchasing products to refinish your car you are also paying for a support network that is in place to help you apply those products correctly.

Some of the services these paint companies offer are....

Technical Data Sheets
Sometimes called "P" sheets these pages tell you what a specific product is designed to do and how to do it.

Instruction Manual
This might be a little hard for the "hobbyist" to obtain in full but if you ask real nice you may get your supplier to copy a page or two at a time for you.

MSDS Sheets
These pages show the safety data on a specific product hence the name 
Material Safety Data Sheet

In order to dispense the above information many companies have a "Fax Back" program where you can request these pages by accessing a computer via your telephone.  You call a number and a recorded voice guides you through the process of selecting the documents that you want Faxed to your machine or to your EFAX account.

 Some numbers you should know are listed below.


Zero Rust

Click HERE to see our experiments with Zero Rust

If you click on the above logo
it will take you to our Shopping Area
where you can purchase these products.

We've tried and tested Zero Rust and found it to work
much better and much easier than other products on the market.
This is why we've chosen to sell it.

Auto body store


While we do sell Zero Rust and some other coatings does NOT sell the paint products shown
below but we offer their web sites so that you can
access information on some of the most popular
 products on the market.

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BASF has a tech line that can be used to access many different helpful services.  Call 1-800-825-3000

Visit the New Web Site



Auto body store

Auto body storeRM has an excellent web site
that helps support a good line
of automotive refinish materials.

This site can help you find the
Paint code for your vehicle no
matter what type of paint you're using.

You can access the RM site
by clicking HERE




Auto body store
PPG has a pretty extensive web site at  
a Fax Back service at 1-800-450-2654



Auto body store

Auto body store

Martin-Senour information can be found on their site at

Product DATA sheets can be found here

Auto body store

Fax Back Number 1-800-824-2843

Auto body store

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