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Here is a picture of the 1925 Dodge Bros. roadster convertible that I finished up the restoration on about 6 months ago. When the car was delivered to my shop it has just been done at the sandblasting facility where it was put on a rotisserie and every square inch of the vehicle has been down to clean metal (inside, outside, underneath, trunk area, engine compartment, no paint left on the vehicle anywhere. The only rust hole was about the size of a 25 cent piece on the front lower section of the cowl, which I welded in a piece of metal that I fabricated to fit. The hardest part of the job for me was painting the bottom (underneath) of the car. Even the wooden spokes of the wheels had to be stripped and filled with wood filler etc, stained the clear coated with acrylic urethane. NO front brakes from the factory, dual banded rear brakes ( drum brakes in the rear with brake bands on the outside AND the inside ). Epoxy primer was used over the clean sandblasted metal (after it was cleaned a couple times with lacquer thinner and prep sol) A couple coats of high build primer, guide coated, couple more coats of high build primer, hand block with 600 grit wet, 4 coats of single stage acrylic urethane (PPG). Wet sanded with 1200 grit, wheeled out with 3-M super-duty compound, then a fine compound and last was 3-m Finess-it polish and swirl mark remover. I was surprised to hear that it had one first place at a car show last weekend. I was satisfied with my work and I knew it looked decent but I never considered it show car material, nor was I paid to make it into a show car. To me a "show car" is a vehicle that will be rewarded 90 to 95 points at a concours show/judging. 

Phil V

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