We've been interested in Sagola guns for a long time but we felt that there wasn't enough supply in the US for us to sell and support the guns properly. However these guns and their parts are now well stocked here in the US and we had a chance to use several of them and were amazed an how well they perform. The 4500 Xtreme, the 4100 GTO and the 3300 Pro come in kits with 600ml plastic cups, a wrench and a cleaning brush.

We are proud to sell and support these fine spray guns.


This was our first paint job using the Sagola 4400 Xtreme.
Now we are using the Sagola 4500 Xtreme picture above and
it's doing a great job.

41 Buick

As you can see this single stage urethane is coming out like glass.


It's approaching 50 years that I've spraying cars, trucks, airplanes etc.
and I feel that the Sagola 4400 and 4500 Xtremes are the best guns I've ever used and they are NOT outragiously expensive compared with other top-of-the-line guns.

Len Stuart

Auto body Store


Features of the 4500 Xtreme Spray Gun

1. Revolutionary Air Distribution System
Carried out at the tip of the air cap creating a very fine and soft spray.

2. Perfect Mechanization
The only gun on the market with no gaskets between air and paint.

3. Anodized Body in Highly Chemical Resistant Forged Aluminum

4. Ergonomic Handle and Trigger

5. New Spray Fan Regulator
All stainless parts have less travel for greater precision.
Can be easily adjusted by right and left hand users.

6. Optional Hand Tightened Inlet Pressure Gauge
No tool needed to install or remove gauge.

Inlet Pres. Gauge

It is with pride and confidence that we present Sagola Spray Guns.

SAGOLA Store Link


Sagola 3300 Pro

sagola 3300

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